Heading Further South

Picking up our story again . . . We left Ashland, Virginia for Greensboro, North Carolina where we stayed at a KOA and where Doug successfully repaired the plumbing! Our friend Bill would be proud. Our next destination was New London, North Carolina where we were served a wonderful lunch of panini’s, salad and potato soup by Chuck and Bonnie at their farm near Baden Lake and Uwharrie National Forest. Bonnie’s and Judy’s fathers’ families were old Orr’s Island friends. The farm is a beautiful home to aging horses, breeding goats, dogs, parrots, as well as Bonnie’s 94 year old mother and her brother. In addition to taking care of all that, Bonnie finds time to paint and to compose and perform music with her own band! She also has written and illustrated a children’s book. A hard-working and talented woman, who is also a ton of fun!

Bonnie and Chuck’s Farmhouse looking over their acreage.

John and Betsy (Age 94!)
Chuck, Bonnie, Judy, and Doug

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