More of The Natchez Trace Parkway, Tupelo, MS, and a bit of Alabama

That last post about Vicksburg was pretty grim, so this time we open with another sign we observed: Marvelous Kutz Hairdresser. (groans)

Teaser for Tupelo
Tupelo or black gum trees

As of January 13, 2020, we had driven the camper van over 5,000 miles and also had a small divit in the windshield, so we got it serviced and repaired near Jackson, Mississippi. From there we continued up the Natchez Trace to Tupelo. We saw many more small deer along the road (alive). There was a nature walk through a tupelo-cypress swamp.

Where are we taking her?
Middle earth?
We did not see any alligators or snakes
Just this turtle wondering where the sun has gone.
Note the comment at the bottom of the sign.
This is the view from the highest point near the Natchez Trace at 603 feet above sea level. It is named after US Congressman Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” Busby from Mississippi.

The town of Tupelo was originally called Gum Pond. We arrived after dark in a driving rainstorm with lightning. Luckily, Doug is getting very accomplished at setting up power and water very quickly. The next morning we visited the Tupelo Buffalo Park – we could drive through the pastures to view the animals, including ostrich, zebra, camel, Clydesdales, yak, bison, anakole-watusi cattle, and long horn cattle.

For the last time on this leg of our trip, we entered a state that neither of us had visited previously.

We drove into Alabama in the rain and left Natchez Trace Parkway at Mile 321. Our campground for the night was in Tuscumbia, part of The Shoals Area. The next morning we drove through Tuscumbia and other towns in the area. The most famous person born in Tuscumbia at Ivy Green, so far as we can tell is Helen Keller. There is a lovely statue in the yard.

Helen and her Teacher

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