Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery Curb Market

We started the first full day of our visit in Montgomery, a Saturday, going to the Curb Market with Tara. We tried boiled peanuts and bought greens, eggs, and chocolate and caramel cakes.

Famous Cleckler Family Cakes
Tara purchasing eggs
Pine cones and husks
Mardi Gras decorations!

Back at the house Jim made a delicious breakfast using the eggs and greens (spinach) with toast. During our trip we passed the famous church where Martin Luther King Jr. had been the pastor and where he directed many of the early civil rights activities. The church was started by slaves in the 1880’s.

The Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church
Civil Rights Memorial by Maya Lin

Maya Lin designed the famous Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. She also created a Civil Rights Memorial near the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery. This conveys many events in the history of the movement and commemorates many persons who sacrificed for the movement.

Tara and Doug
Judy & Doug

After breakfast Doug and Judy headed to the Museum of Alabama at the Alabama Department of Archives & History, where we were immersed in all aspects of the state’s history, from geology to economics to politics.

Alabama Department of Archives & History

Rosa Parks

Do you see anyone you know?
Alabama Flag

Across the park is the Alabama Statehouse.

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