Montgomery, Alabama (continued)

Tara Cady’s license plate

During our visit with Tara and Jim we enjoyed their southern hospitality and fine meals, both in restaurants and home-cooked. We had dinner at Vintage Year – tuna and beef cheeks! Breakfast included a new treat – avocado toast. Tara Cady is a talented artist and gave us a tour of her studios, where she practices and teaches pottery, printmaking, glasswork, and painting, and related arts. The studios are located at the back of an older home that she is renovating in accordance with historic zoning restrictions.

Judy and Doug look forward to returning to see the finished building.
Beautiful re-use of boards for flooring.
Interior view
An example of Tara Cady’s hand-carved pottery
We took Tara and Jim’s dogs for a walk to the riverfront.
There is a community garden
E.A.T.: Educate – Act – Transform

Back at Tara’s house, with our camper van parked in front.
What does everyone think of the name Sylvie for our van?
The museum is in a park-like setting, with a theatre and lots of water and green space.

We also visited the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts where Tara was Director of Children’s Exhibitions. She saw the children’s wing through its original creation and also an expansion that doubled the space. It is a colorful, fun, and busy space. Her legacy is admirable and awesome.

At the entrance to the Children’s wing.

Detail from the tile wall

A piece that is quilted

Tara and Judy saw the movie Just Mercy while Doug and Jim monitored the football playoff games. Do see the movie if you have a chance. Jim prepared a delicious fried chicken and greens dinner and we ate chocolate and caramel cake – yum!

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