Florida – Continuing down the East Coast

On January 30 and 31, 2020, the weather finally started feeling warmer! We spent two nights at Joy RV Park in Cocoa, Florida, and did some beach walking at Cocoa Beach. We drove through Patrick Air Force Base and then up South Tropical Drive at the south end of Merritt Island – lots of big houses to ogle at. Sylvie was washed and Doug vacuumed her out at Tropical Car Wash. And another first – we had to add DEF – it’s a Diesel engine additive.

Lori Wilson Park, Cocoa Beach
It was still rough, but some people were braving the water. Not Doug or Judy!
It’s a relief to see that other people like to photograph seagulls, too.
It was finally nice enough to sit outside. Here is our setup in Cocoa.

On February 1, we continued south along the coast, first through Vero Beach, which we think is a very attractive town. It seemed to have more neighborhoods and nice medium-sized homes. The Florida state parks advertise their beauty, and we agree – they are well kept. The campgrounds tended to be full, unfortunately, so we were not able to stay. We day-visited a number of them and they are consistently very nice.

Avalon State Park, Hutchinson Island, Florida

On February 1st and 2nd we stayed at the West Jupiter RV Resort. We had arranged to spend Super Bowl Sunday with our friends Joan and Bruce in Tequesta, and they entertained us in fine style! First, we had lunch on the waterfront at the Jupiter Pointe Club & Marina where they store their boat.

Crazy boat storage in Florida

Then we went out in the boat for a great tour on Jupiter Sound and the intracoastal waterway to see the homes and businesses of the rich and famous.

The famous Jupiter Sound Lighthouse
Coach Bill Belichick’s condo – his boat was out – perhaps he cruised to Miami for the big game?

Tiger’s Restaurant
Tiger’s smaller yacht. His house is behind the shrubs on the right.
And some other residents

The inlet from the Atlantic Ocean to Jupiter Sound is narrow and the current runs hard. We walked along where the palms made interesting shadows.

We watched several boats navigate the rough channel – some more safely than others.

Many of our photography subjects are cautiously cooperative.

Some actually pose very patiently. This pelican was standing guard at the entrance to the marina.

Some not so much.

Handsome devil, gets away with it! Maybe he was just thinking about the upcoming Super Bowl contest! Bruce and Joan served some of their signature dishes, including pulled pork – it was a very fun evening!

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