Florida – Lake Okeechobee

On February 9, 2020, we left Marathon early and drove through Homestead, Florida and north on Route 997 through fields of all sorts of crops – sugar cane and corn, and nursery with acres and acres and rows and rows of palm trees, palmettos, and other tropical plants. There is also an extensive irrigation system and large pump stations on the canals. We suppose that Lake Okeechobee supplies the water for irrigation and also to the cities on the east coast of Florida.

How much fun is it to say that word – O-KEE-CHO-BEE!

Sylvie on the shore of Lake Okeechobee

The City of Pahokee owns a campground and marina that is located between the huge levee that helps control Lake Okeechobee and the lake itself.

The road runs along the top of the levee for many miles.
Just behind us

The marina has a swimming pool and large dock system where some good size boats are moored, apparently for the winter.

It was windy

We saw this flag all over the place, especially in Florida on lawns and boats – sail and motor. It reveals how widespread the support has been for this president. It’s distressing.

This guy doesn’t worry about the president.
We enjoyed this place.

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