Florida to Georgia

Sylvie is on the far right in Nature’s Resort RV Park.

We spent another day in Zephyrhills where we drank coffee, cleaned Sylvie inside and out, did laundry, and thought about where to go next. On February 24, 2020 we traveled west to Homosassa and Nature’s Resort on the coast. We spent two days hanging around, taking long walks; Doug prepared a homemade red sauce – quite a feat on our two-burner stove with limited cookware. It was delicious, and made for good leftovers.

Walking around the parks we see lots of creative structures. Here is a local bar. We don’t think these people move around as frequently as we do!

After Doug walked and Judy swam, we attended the apparently famous Hot Dog Dinner at the Resort Club House. They had great food – Cole slaw, chili, good dogs – served by other campers for not much money.

Yes, it was a rainy evening.

On February 26 we headed north on back roads, particularly Route 19, going straight through farmland and timberland and passing a Georgia Pacific cellulose plant in Perry, Florida. Another sign on the way: Bean’s Pillar of Smoke Bar-B-Que. We stayed at Eagle’s Roost RV Resort in Lake Park, Georgia, a park near the highway that seems to be used heavily by snowbirds and others as a waypoint.

The next day we turned northeast to Savannah. Other signs along the way: On a church sign in Jesup, Georgia: “God can make miracles out of messes & mistakes.” Gooey’s Pizza. Leaps and Bounds Gymnastics.

Ed the moose is still in his sweater, so didn’t complain about heading north.

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