East Boothbay, Maine

July 21-23, 2020

We spent a few days at home in Cumberland tending the garden and enjoying the birds, including this rather large pileated woodpecker.

We went to a beautiful spot on the Damariscotta River owned by our good friends Joan and Bruce, a location that we agreed not to disclose. It was the epitome of mooch-camping, with a pool, dock, and nice power boat with captain and first mate!

The second mate, Jessie, was delightful (but don’t tell her I said second mate – she’s the captain in her mind).
Evening reflections.

One thought on “East Boothbay, Maine

  1. Hi friends, I love the bird pictures!! How the heck are you? Sounds like you’re making your way around Maine and visiting all kinds of interesting places! Is Jessie your new dog? She’s very cute! We’ve been at our camp in Whitefield since the third week of June and since I retired from teaching (hooray!) and yoga (as well as everything else) is on line, there’s no reason to rush back! Life here is ‘almost normal’ in that we’re walking/hiking, kayaking, swimming, gardening and seeing friends two at a time on our screened in porch (or theirs). Some of the usual large gatherings haven’t happened, but oh well. We feel grateful that we can do many of our usual activities, but we’re really not looking forward to October, November and beyond. Are you doing any yoga? Any plans to start up again? Malcolm and I are both doing our usual classes and while zoom isn’t great, it isn’t bad. What other traveling plans do you have? Any interest in heading up this way for an afternoon on the lake, some kayaking, swimming (if the weather allows!) and lunch – or dinner? We’d love to see you. Take care, Eleanor


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