Still in Ontario

June 5 & 6, 2022

Thunder Bay is not the rural outpost that we had pictured in our minds. It is a huge port city near the west end of Lake Superior. Surprise! There’s a pretty bridge before you reach town in Nipigon.

We stayed at a campground near Kakabeka Falls, west of Thunder Bay where Lucee started barking like crazy – as she had not done for many months. Ha – there was a rabbit. That explains everything!

Monday morning was rainy, so we went into Thunder Bay for breakfast at Tina’s Breakfast & Lunch. We tried to find a waterfront view, but it was all commercial! So off we went west on Canada highway 11 west, into the Central Time Zone, and saw two more young moose near the highway. Sorry, no photos!

The more interesting sign said that from here all streams run North to the Arctic. Wow, really?

Many long straight roads through the provinces.
Big beaver dam

We continued west through Fort Francis, across the border from International Falls in Minnesota. Many homes and buildings were surrounded with sand bags and there were crews stuffing sandbags. The flooding was terrible. We were later told by a fellow camper that the spring rains were very heavy and came before the ground thawed, so much flooding ensued.

For our last night in Ontario we stayed at beautiful Caliper Lake Provincial Park. Beautiful, but buggy – huge, slow mosquitos, millions of them! We tried our netting, but it caught more squites than not.

2 thoughts on “Still in Ontario

  1. At first look, I thought you were going to say that the beavers caused all that flooding!
    Your pictures from Caliper Lake make me nostalgic for Rainy Lake, just east of Fort Frances. Your stories of the mosquitoes make me less so. When camping in the North Woods of Minnesota, we used to joke that the mosquitoes arrived in such force that they could have flown away with the steaks we grilled… on the other hand, the steaks offered a fine alternative to our tender flesh. Mmmmm…. there’s nothing like the taste of
    Fried-Mosquito-Crusted Sirloin Steak!

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  2. Thank you for ongoing postings from the mostly green and verdant land that you have passed through to the North. The distances are large and getting larger!! Happy Summer, Laura


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