More Saskatchewan

June 9 and 10, 2022

Before leaving Indian Head Doug tried their RV wash and had a great time trying to remove the many gigantic bugs from the bow of Sylvie. We went on to Regina, a beautiful residential town, and visited the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Center, which with its historical exhibits is very worthwhile.

Yes, it rained on the newly washed vehicle.
A topiary Mounty was under construction in front of the beautiful modern building.

We continued west on to Moose Jaw – with a name like that, there must be good photo opportunities. We were racing against the train going through Pense and Belle Plaine.

Viterra Pulse Plane in Belle Plaine
The ubiquitous power lines.

It wasn’t so easy to find a good photo in Moose Jaw, but the mural is good, and the moose finally showed up!

We drove north on Route 2 between 3 cells of thunderstorms, then west to Saskatoon, passing 2500 miles on our trip meter. We stayed at the Gordon (Gordy) Howe campground right in Saskatoon where Doug watched some local sports teams play on the Gordon Howe fields.

On Friday we continued west on Canada Highway 16 to Alberta and on to Edmonton.

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