Jasper National Park

June 12, 2022

The herd of elk came through Wapiti Campground the next morning, even some calves, though they could hide pretty well in the brush. We were warned not to approach them, because a mother had attacked a person the day before. We traveled north and east to hike in Maligne Canyon, east of the Athabaska River.

Maligne Canyon is a deep gorge with “potholes” from swirling water. There are numerous hiking trails with varying difficulty. Black swifts have their nests in crevices on the canyon walls.

Continuing on the Maligne Lake Road we came to Medicine Lake, where fairly recent fire damage was evident.

We stopped at the Fairmont Jasper Lodge for coffee, a view of Lac Beauvert and another, smaller wildlife encounter.

After a drive down the Icefields Parkway and then back north on Wabasso Road we arrived at one of the nicest campsites yet at Jasper Park Wabasso Campground.

One thought on “Jasper National Park

  1. Your blog is so amazing! Finally figured out how to comment. Love. All your notes and great picture taking! Thank you! For doing this! Beautiful adventures! Xor

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