Alaska Highway

June 21, 2022

On Tuesday, June 21, we left Grande Prairie and headed for the much anticipated Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek. On the way we saw a sign, “No Trespassing Without Permission.” Got that?

Here we are at the start of the famous Alaska Highway, in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. The beginning of a 1387 mile journey; we went as far as Tok at historical milepost 1314 of the original Alaska Highway. Road straightening and rebuilds have changed the mileages up to 40 miles over the years.

We started up the Alaska Highway through the Peace River District.

Our campground was on the Sikanni River and featured mega mosquitos. We put up Dee and Cheryl’s screen tent, laughing the entire way, as they had never taken it out of the box before that. Dee gave Doug his first fishing lessons.

One thought on “Alaska Highway

  1. Doug and Judy I hope you enjoy B.C.  It was one of my favorite places when I traveled the Canadian paper mill circuit. Fabulous country.  Good luck with the fishing.  Tom


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