June 23, 2022

Good Morning in the Parking Lot
Sylvee in front of Dee & Cheryl’s rig

We took advantage of the Liard River Hotsprings across the road. Because it is also a campground the park is as protected as Jurassic Park.

Very comfortable!
Lucee is ready to get back on the road.

We headed northwest, mostly west, on the Alaska Highway through British Columbia. Our first encounter was with a herd of buffalo along the highway. This herd would include female cows, younger males, and calves. The breeding males go off on their own for the summer.

The highway crosses the BC/Yukon boundary numerous times before the official welcome to Yukon Province and a first for me. This was the furthest north I had ever traveled!

We arrived at Watson Lake and stayed at the “Downtown” RV Park; Archie, the proprietor is a joker. He had a $45 bill with guess who’s name on it?

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