Christmas 2019

Our visit to Nashville ended quietly, with no time to visit the new Grand Ole Opry Theater, because Judy came down with a stomach bug. On Monday, December 23 we drove from Nashville to Memphis and checked into The Peabody Hotel where ducks are, well, king and queens.

While our van does fit in a standard parking space length- and width- wise, it is close to 10 feet tall, so most parking garages cannot accommodate it. Therefore, at The Peabody, the van was given a premier parking space in the main courtyard!

Prime parking space at The Peabody

The Peabody was all decked out for Christmas with trees and lights and a large ginger bread village with moving pieces.

I wonder if anyone ate all the gingerbread later?

During our visit in Memphis we toured the city and saw much evidence of its two favorite Kings: BB and Elvis. Looking at the outside of Elvis’ house was sufficient!

Note the love notes all over the wall surrounding Graceland.
We had a good BBQ dinner, then went out to listen to music.
The Club where BB King played whenever he was in Memphis.

Other attractions in Memphis included St. Jude Hospital that was started by Danny Thomas and his wife, and the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art. The Belz family was responsible for the latest restoration of The Peabody. The museum included a moving holocaust exhibit and a huge display of large pieces of Asian Art.

Portions of the movie The Firm were shot throughout downtown Memphis and at The Peabody.

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