Christmas 2019 (continued)

It’s all ducks – cookies.
This fountain is in the middle of the main hotel lobby at The Peabody.

As you may recall, it is all about the ducks at The Peabody. The duck theme is ubiquitous. After a speech about the history and tradition, at 11 am daily the Duck Master and an honorary Duck Master Assistant for the day (sometimes a visiting celebrity) take the elevator to the roof of the hotel to escort the ducks from above. There is one male and four females, all young ducks from a nearby farm. When they reach a certain age the farmer takes them away, supposedly to be set free, and new young ones come in.

On the floor in the elevator.
The Penthouse

When the ducks come out of the elevator there is a red carpet and a crowd waiting for their arrival, which is accompanied by the King Cotton March by John Philip Souza.

Here they come.
The girl in the red dress is today’s honorary Duck Master.
All afternoon the ducks float in the fountain.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the ducks are returned to the roof.

View from the roof of The Peabody – see the barge on the Mississippi River.
Sunset reflection.

Sorry about all the build-up. Major bummer. WordPress won’t let me upload the really cute movie of the ducks coming across the roof to get home! Sorry! If I can find another way to share it, I will let you know!!!

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