Fort Worth Stockyards

For the afternoon of December 30 we went to the Stockyards, walking through the entire area and checking out all the local store goods.

Doug tried on another hat, a red cap, but he wasn’t pleased with the logo, so did not buy it . . .

Very glad to see her represented!
Famous Cowpeople

We are always keeping in mind my sister’s wardrobe.

The best part of the day was preparation for the longhorn steer drive that goes through town every day, twice a day. We talked with the cowboys and cowgirls who run this famous event and gained appreciation for the steers, the horses and the people.

It takes some effort to get these guys moving. As our cowgirl said, their 401(k) is pretty nice – hang out, get fed, and run through town twice a day!

She has been rounding up the steer for more than 20 years.
In the same direction, mostly
It takes longer to get the people moved back . . .
Than for the steers to come through town.
There they go!
Of course we topped off the day with a delicious dinner!

5 thoughts on “Fort Worth Stockyards

  1. Dear Judy, I am just beginning to tune in, very late in your delightful travels. Did you happen to visit the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft Worth? I haven’t read up yet. Happy discoveries, Laura

    Sorry we missed it. We are seeing art museums when we can. There is SO much to see!!! Hope you and Winton are well. Best, Judy


  2. Hi Doug and Judy, I hope you bought the hats! They look terrific on you and I think wearing them around Maine will set you apart. FYI–you are wonderful photographers! I am really enjoying the photos. Hugs, Patricia


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