Arlington and Fort Worth

While at the nice Dallas/Arlington KOA we had RV Rescue come over to the RV park to wash the van – very nice guy! We paid quite a lot – since then, especially in Florida, it’s been a lot less! Learn as you go. The food in the area was excellent, and cheap! Especially the taquerias!

We spent December 30, 2019, in Fort Worth. In the morning we enjoyed the downtown with its very small town feel. The Sid Richardson Museum has wonderful collections of Frederic Remington paintings and sculptures, and also paintings of a Remington contemporary named Charles M. Russell, which Judy liked even better than the Remingtons. There is the old west Tarrant County Courthouse and the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The latter are extensive and impressive with flowing water, heavy and light, and reflecting surfaces everywhere.

Tarrant County Courthouse
Courthouse interior, looking up
Sid Richardson Museum
Bass Performance Hall of Fort Worth
Fort Worth Water Gardens
Many layers of flowing water

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