Penn State 53 / Memphis 39

Cotton Bowl day started with pouring rain, but the van is the perfect vehicle – we drove to the parking lot outside the stadium when parking opened up and found a prime spot. We then were able to have our coffee and hang out until the festivities began. Rain didn’t dampen the crowd, of course.

Rally Stage
The Penn State Band arrived at the rally.
And arrived.
Hundreds of them, it seemed.
Rally stage: PSU

AT&T Stadium is immense and beautiful. Everything was well organized and everyone was friendly and helpful. There is a huge Jumbotron in the middle of the stadium – often that view, shown on TV, was more clear than trying to watch the field. Oops!

The Jumbotron is almost as big as the field.
Rally after warm ups – Coach James Franklin is in there somewhere
A blimp – in the stadium!
Or is it a drone?
Note team symbols over the tall windows.
The Penn State players come on the field.
We Are . . .
Penn State
The winners!

And Doug was happy!

3 thoughts on “Penn State 53 / Memphis 39

  1. You had to go all the way to Texas to see the Nittany Lions! That’s a bit extreme but it looks like it was a good time!


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