Daisy State Park

On January 2, 2020, we left Durant, Oklahoma to continue east. As recommended by Judy’s friend Patty from the YMCA Abs Class, each morning we try to remember to record the temperature, the number of miles traveled on our trip meter, and the odometer reading on the van. Today was 53 degrees, 2864 miles and 4357 on the odometer. We are breaking in the van!

It is definitely lumber and paper country – we passed the IP Valliant Paper Mill on Route 70 in Oklahoma and Weyerhaeuser Lumber Technology plants in Idabel, OK and in western Arkansas. We would see many more mills and forestry tracts as we continued east and south.

Lake Greeson

We spent two nights at a very nice campground in Daisy State Park on “Beautiful Lake Greeson” in Kirby, Arkansas. The first night we were alone.

The water is unusually low, having been drawn down at the dam for the winter months.

The sun came out on the second day, which we spent relaxing and hiking around the park.

Doug built our first campfire, which was quite a feat considering that everything was wet and we did not have lighter fluid or much kindling. We had delicious peppermint cocoa contributed by Seb and Peggy. Later in the evening our new neighbors, three young men in a tent, came by looking for lighter fluid. They couldn’t get their fire going!

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