Hot Springs and more Ducks

Judy would not have known before our visit, but yes, Hot Springs, Arkansas is the boyhood home of President Bill Clinton. That was the response every time I mentioned it! The National Park is a strip of land on which the bath houses, some original and some rebuilt, are located. It’s Bathhouse Row. We did not partake of the hot springs!

Quapaw Baths – this one is actually still operating

It is said that the waters coming to the surface today were rained down on earth 4,000 years ago. Hot Springs was used by the Boston Red Sox and other teams for spring training – imagine Babe Ruth and his cigar in the baths.

Yes, it really is steaming as it comes out of the ground.

Our walk for the day involved climbing up to the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. Thankfully the tower has an elevator, because just getting there was a steep climb!

The steepness of the hill as demonstrated (somewhat) by the drainage ditches.
views from the top of the tower
Reminders of Friends of Casco Bay and Waterkeeper Alliance

We also enjoy some business names that we have seen and jotted down on our travels, which we will share from time to time. For example, Joint Effort Physical Therapy and A Little Off the Top Hair Salon. Okay, they are corny – you can always ignore them!

I’ll get to the ducks . . .

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