Lincoln Parish Park, Ruston, Louisiana

Lincoln Parish Park was an amazing find in northern Louisiana. It was created by one person who donated the land and provided the funding for a wonderful facility for local people and campers. There is a swimming beach on this man-made lake with a pavilion for events, and many biking/hiking trails along the perimeter and throughout. We had a nice walk all the way around the lake after we arrived.

The first night we were practically alone.

Well, almost alone.
A photographer’s dream
Not claiming any skill myself, sometimes I get lucky

How many ducks can you stand?

The next day, January 7, we took a long walk through the park. Later we went in to explore Ruston, the home of Louisiana Tech University; nearby is Grambling State University. The former is the alma mater of many football, basketball, and baseball greats (e.g., Terry Bradshaw, Karl Malone, Kim Mulkey, George Stone). The latter has a huge stadium named after coach Eddy Robinson, long time football coach, one of the best in college football, who led the Tigers to 408 wins in 55 seasons. In Ruston we had a good southern style lunch of red beans, crawfish, and fried green tomatoes.

Trails for hiking and biking
The Pied Piper
The second night of our stay the campground was more crowded.
The park has other residents.
But mostly, quack

One thought on “Lincoln Parish Park, Ruston, Louisiana

  1. Louisiana! This is getting out of control… you would think you are retired or something. I’m glad to see they have ducks in Louisiana. Brings to mind the duck round-up and the long-horn cattle round-up already reported upon. What fun. Susanna

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