Florida Everglades – Collier-Seminole State Park

Sylvie in Collier-Seminole State Park

During our stay at Bonita Springs we visited Collier-Seminole State Park. We were not able to get a campsite at this park – it would have been a fun place to stay.

A fascinating display at the Park is the Bay City Walking Dredge that helped build the Tamiami Highway across Florida, an important transportation link between – you guessed it – Tampa and Miami. This gigantic machine cleared the thick layer of muck and pick up limestone that was used to form the roadbed. It used a giant bucket to dig and also to move itself along.

The Bay City Walking Dredge built in Bay City, Michigan

The Park also has good walking trails. We walked the Nature Trail through the Royal Palm Hammock, which is a salt marsh and mango habitat. We had seen the term “hammock” on street names and place names, but did not understand where it came from; we could not find a satisfactory explanation, even on-line. The Florida State Parks are trying to help!

The Park is home to one of few remaining stands of royal palms.
The other common trees are live oaks, which we would see all over the southeastern states. Live oaks shed their leaves twice a year – they never are entirely without leaves, but raking is required twice a year.

We also drove through Marco Island and Naples – very exclusive areas. One sign we saw in Naples: “Peace, Love and Little Donuts”.

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