Florida – Sarasota

We spent February 18 and 19, 2020, in Sarasota with our friends Janis and David from Maine, and their wonderful labradoodle Annie. We started with a tour of Ca’ d’Zan, the Venetian Gothic home of John & Mable Ringling. Ca’ d’Zan means “House of John” in the dialect of Venice, Italy, and is part of The Ringling, a complex of art and circus museums. It is a beautiful facility, and one we hope to see again.

Detail from the facade of Ca d’Zan
The dock at Ca d’Zan where the Ringlings greeted guests arriving by boat.
View from the dock
View of neighboring property
All the windows at Ca d’Zan are tinted and give the interior interesting and varying light.
The gardens and grounds at The Ringling are beautiful.
At Ca’ d’Zan – thanks to David for the photo!

We toured Sarasota on a trolley to see more sights, including Ringling College, Asolo Theater, Selby Library, Van Wezel Performing Arts Center, Selby Gardens, Sarasota Opera House, Art Center Sarasota, and Sarasota Symphony Orchestra.

Charles Ringling Mansion – next door to Ca’ d’Zan
Stencil on the trolley window
Lots of circus theme sights in Sarasota

We attended a lecture put on by the Sarasota Institute of Lifelong Learning (SILL). The speaker was Hedrick Smith, talking about wedge economics, his description of the wealth gap in the USA today. A lot to think about.

How fun is this?
A fish tank arch over the entrance to the children’s section of the Sarasota Public Library
Sylvie, Doug, David, Janis, and Annie

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