Georgia to South Carolina

Beaufort Waterfront

On leap day, February 29, 2020, we traveled north from Savannah to Charleston, through Bluffton, Hilton Head, and Beaufort, South Carolina.

The Savannah River, forming the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina.

Hilton Head was disappointing, in that the entire waterfront is controlled by private resorts and clubs. They aren’t interested in interlopers just driving through!


The city of Beaufort is very nice. In South Carolina they say “Bew-fert”, which is a different pronunciation from the North Carolina town. There is a new Reconstruction Era National Historic Park authorized by President Obama and thoughtfully constructed. Beaufort County was very successful due to good state legislation, an excellent school system, and wealth based on rice production that included former slaves. For more information:

The Beaufort waterfront is lovely and very pedestrian friendly.

Swing benches all along the walkway
It was a windy day

We saw another good street sign this day on our travels: Polite Family Lane.

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