Charleston and Fort Sumter, South Carolina

Southern Railway System engine at the Visitor Center
Great coffee!

Charleston is a pretty city, especially on a beautiful day! We used the City Tour on March 1, 2020 to see the historic parts of the city and to visit Fort Sumter.

King Street is the Main Street in Charleston.
Wragg Square

Sylvie on the street

St Matthews Lutheran Church

These houses have a veranda unique to Charleston – it is on the side. When you sit there you are not facing the street. The houses are built one room wide with double covered piazzas and are called Charleston Single Houses.

We heard two explanations for the double curved front staircase on southern homes. One is that it is welcoming. more fun is that in Victorian times men ascended one side and women ascended the other so that the men could not see the women’s ankles!

Double stairs, beautiful wrought iron, and look at the tiled sidewalk.
On the sidewalk in front of this house is a step placed to assist in getting out of a carriage.
The South Battery holds the sea back from flooding the streets of Charleston, most of the time.

The bus behind the wall is parked across the street from this house.
Mainland Visitor Center
Spirit of the Low Country

Fort Sumter at the mouth of Charleston Harbor

We spent the afternoon taking a ferry out to tour Fort Sumter. Here are some views from the ferry.

Fort Sumter
Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge
USS Yorktown

Views at and around Fort Sumter.

The Port of Charleston is very active. There was a cruise ship in addition to the ones in the photos.

The barge is in front of the container ship.
The container ship next to Fort Sumter.
The same house at the intersection of South Battery and East Battery from the harbor side.
Sunset over Charleston
View of the Custom House from the water
The Custom House from the street
Another sign – lower right corner of the window

We had a good dinner at the Crab House, which reminded me of Durgin Park – yes, that is the second floor.

For the second night we stayed at a great county park in The Campground at James Island in Charleston.

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