Natural Bridge and Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

This is an interesting sight and beautiful area. It’s probably lovely later in the spring when everything is blooming.
This area was surveyed by George Washington.

The land was owned by Thomas Jefferson. A highway runs over the top.

We walked up the Cedar Creek Trail. It was peaceful and pretty. This is the water body that created the bridge over millions of years.

Thuja occidentalis (eastern arbor vitae tree)

From park signage:”Before dying in 1980, this more than 1600 year old specimen of the arbor vitae tree was the oldest and largest known in the world. Its diameter measures 56 inches. Depending on climatic conditions that determine its growth rate, the arbor vitae increases in diameter about one inch every thirty years.”

It was March 9, 2020 and daily we were learning more and more about the corona virus, so we were happy to be heading home to Maine. We headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway and made a few stops.

We stopped at McCormick Overlook

We had lunch at Doyle’s River Overlook on the Appalation Trail.

On our way through Virginia we saw a few new signs. It was just after the switch to daylight saving time: “Spring forward with Jesus – Don’t fall back into sin.”

Also: “Store the Bible in your heart, not on a shelf.”

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