Winchester, Virginia; Hershey and Elverson, Pennsylvania

After staying at Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, Virginia, we set out to see the sights of Winchester. A pretty little town, but its claim to fame certainly seemed focused on Patsy Cline and the headquarters of George Washington in one century and Stonewall Jackson in the next. We then headed to Pennsylvania, crossing the Susquehanna River and north past Gettysburg.

Susquehanna River
The Hershey Hotel, where Doug recalled a visit for Easter with his Aunt Edie many years ago.

Then it was a chocoholic’s dream.

Chocolate Kiss Lamppost Lights

With our sugar high and chocolate cabinet filled, we went on to French Creek State Park in Elverson, Pennsylvania. Social distancing was becoming the norm. We felt sufficiently safe, even walking around the woods. It’s a nice park.

There was some clearing of trees going on, but not much other activity.

The trails are nice, not crowded!

On March 12 we continued on to New York.

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