East to Houlton

August 6, 2020

After three nights in St. Agatha we headed east and south to complete our tour of the Crown of Maine. We returned to Route 1 in Grand Isle and followed it along the St. John River and Canadian border through Lille, Notre Dame, and Keegan to Van Buren.

Views from Van Buren across to Canada. Unfortunately, this is probably the closest Sylvie will get to Canada in the year 2020.

After a fun, brief, socially distanced visit with a Van Buren attorney with whom I have worked for many years, we headed southwest on Route 1 through beautiful farmlands.

We stopped in Presque Isle at the Veteran’s Park for lunch. Who knew that George Washington founded the Purple Heart?

South of Presque Isle is Aroostook State Park, Maine’s 1st state park! It’s a beautiful spot on the west side of Echo Lake, and a place to which we plan to return. We could hear the young eagles in the nest, but only spotted one adult.

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