August 6 and 7, 2020

We drove south through Westfield to Mars Hill, the site of a substantial wind farm, then through Bridgewater, Monticello, and Littleton.

Irrigation equipment
Saturn! A model of the entire solar system is built along Route 1 in Aroostook County.
Windmills on the hill tops.

Our campground, My Brother’s Place, was close to the Canadian border. Unfortunately, there were many empty spaces that would normally be occupied by Canadians. It was nice and spacious and surrounded by hiking paths.

Shelter over the picnic table.

The next day Doug played a round at the Houlton Golf Club, with its strong loon theme – even the tee markers are loons. Judy walked the first nine holes with him.

Sylvie at the golf course.
Rolling fields and farmland in the distance.

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