Let’s go West! 2022

June 1, 2022, Cumberland Foreside, Maine

Doug, Judy, and Lucee the dog set out for the west from home on June 1, 2022. Ready or not, off we go. Readers and followers, please be patient as I get the blog stream set after a year away! Our plan is to meet our good camping buddies Cheryl and Dee in Alberta, then head to Alaska! We traveled up Route 26 in Maine and just past Grafton Notch in Maine we saw a young moose! A surprise in the middle of the day.

There is the moose!
Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

We had no trouble crossing the border from Canaan, Vermont to Hereford, Quebec with the ArriveCAN account showing our vaccination status. The Border Patrol looked at our passports, but didn’t want to see Lucee’s vaccine certificate.

We drove west past Montreal and spent our first night at a Harvest Host location, Ferme Lafleur in Saint-Telesphiore, Quebec, a cattle farm near the Ontario border.

Ferme Lafleur

As we left the next morning, Doug and Glen, the owner farmer, agreed on the state of the world. Glen is an experienced RV traveler and asked how much we planned ahead; we said very little. His advice was, “Good things happen when you don’t over plan.”

7 thoughts on “Let’s go West! 2022

  1. Great to see – have a wonderful trip!
    Tim & Tim played Sunday River on a beautiful Monday and he thinks Doug would have scored lower. Tee time saved for next spring.
    Bye for now,

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  2. Hello Judy and Doug…………..Yea! So happy that you are off on an adventure and that we are on your blog list. I love it and the pictures are sooooooo terrific.

    And, like everyone else, I am very jealous that I am not with Lucee looking at the window at all the wonders.

    Can’t wait for more.

    All semi good here in Colorado. Carmen just had Covid so lots of stress with family but seems to be working out finally. Summer has hit big time (like hot already) and lots of energy of tourists and second home owners hiking and biking and doing what ever there is to do.

    Michael is heading to Oregon in a few minutes to visit his sister and then I go to Maine to go on the Allagash with my womens group..otherwise we are here…probably until mid August when we have to go to California to help my sister with little cottage she owns (did I tell you that story already). Anyway…it will be a terrible time to be away from Crested Butte but will the right thing to do.

    Big hugs to you two and can’t wait for more. Hugs, Patricia

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