June 2 and 3, 2022

There are many more sightings of these signs than of the beasts!

Southern Ontario is lush farmland.

With a distinctly Scottish influence.

We drove through Ottawa in the rain.

And made a quick pass through Arnprior to say hello to the family cottage road, Marshall’s Bay Lane. Fancy that, a sign!

We continued west on Route 60 through Madawaska (are we back in Maine, we keep saying, when familiar names come up) and on to Algonquin Provincial Park where we stayed at Canisbay Lake Campground.

Friday, June 3 was a long day, from Algonquin Park west on Route 60 along beautiful lakes. There are an amazing number of power lines through Canada, everywhere we have been.

We made a short stop in Parry Sound on the shore of Georgian Bay – who knew there is a Bobby Orr Hall of Fame? Bennett probably knew!

Continuing north to Sudbury, many of the highways across Canada have artwork on the bridges and overpasses. Sudbury is a mining town. We drove on to Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron, a beautiful area. The sole road access is by a single lane swing bridge that opens every hour.

We stayed at Manitoulin Resort on Lake Manitou, the largest lake within an island in a lake in the world. A beautiful area with lots more to explore. Manitoulin Island is in Lake Huron, with Georgian Bay on its east side.

4 thoughts on “Ontario

  1. Thanks for the reason to pull out the atlas! Love it…I am off to Maine tomorrow for kayaking…but short trip…………………..

    Maybe a longer one next year. Hugs, Patricia

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