Valdez, Alaska

July 4 to 5, 2022

WTF – Where’s the fish??? We traveled to Valdez to stay for a few days; the rumors were that the pinks are running.

Worthington Glacier again (Dee and Cheryl towing the Cougar ahead – frequently in my photos!)
When the men go fishing, we get ice cream!
Happy July 4th!

Next on the agenda – panning for gold! So off to Mineral Creek we went!

Lunch didn’t do much to warm up our feet!

The Valdez Glacier is important in history because it was the start of the All American Route to the Eagle mining district in Alaska, and from there up the Yukon River to Dawson City and to the Klondike. In 1897-98 thousands of gold seekers carried multiple loads of required equipment up the glacier and beyond, facing dangerous crevasses, snowblindness, and exhaustion. Most stampeders arrived too late to mine any gold or even stake a claim.

Glacier in distance and all the way down to the water.
Reflection in the pond

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