Hope, Alaska

July 14 and 15, 2022

We left Seward to go to Hope on Thursday, July 14 and stopped at the fish hatchery on Moose Creek. There was not much to see that day, as the Hatchery Administrator apologized, but she was very friendly. We asked about her background and surprise, she grew up in Stetson, Maine and graduated from Unity College! She arrived as an intern and in a short time had become the administrator. She had never had anyone else from Maine identify themselves, so she was pleased and surprised. The hatchery supports the sport fishing industry and was privately funded. It’s a 24/7 job to keep the young fish alive through power outages.

There are a lot of murals in Alaska, and this one is interesting.

Hope is a fun little town that seems stuck in time. It is located on Turnagain Arm, where the tides are second only to Fundy Bay. The bore tide was fun to watch, even though it was not particularly high. Turnagain Arm is south of Anchorage and empties into Cook Inlet.

Clear enough to see the Chugach Mountains to the north of Turnagain Arm
Late Lunch at SeaView Cafe

Then back to fishing on the rising tide.

The current line of the incoming tide is clear.

On Friday we left Hope. On the drive north we circled Turnagain Arm and viewed it from the north.

3 thoughts on “Hope, Alaska

  1. I have been to Turnagain Arm! I had a work trip to Anchorage 8-9 years ago and took some time to look around the area. It’s beautiful and fascinating. You got to spend more time there than I did. Enjoy!

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