July 16 to 19, 2022

On July 15 we all moved from Hope to Palmer, Alaska, a central location for shopping, laundry, golf, and day trips, especially suitable because a rainy stretch of weather was predicted.

On Sunday, Cheryl, Doug, and Dee headed to Valdez (four hours), fished (four hours), and drove back to Palmer (four hours). Reminded me of driving 60 miles to go swimming in Jackson Hole as a live in babysitter many years ago! Success! Three pink salmon! So Doug was no longer a fisherperson virgin!

Dee, Doug, Cheryl

Dee provided excellent instructions on filleting the salmon, and Doug was a good student. We had beautiful fillets ready to cook! (Okay, I thought it was filet, too, but look it up!)

By the way, the above photos are taken at 10 pm Alaska time. No artificial light needed. We cooked the fillets the next day and they were delicious!

In spite of the weather, the campground Mt. View RV Park was nice and Doug and Dee got in a round of golf.

Amongst the shopping trips and laundry duty we had lunch at Turkey Red Greek Restaurant in Palmer where we spotted a sign quote we would use later in the trip: “Don’t trust a skinny chef”.

4 thoughts on “Rain::Fish

  1. Doug and Judy Envied you the fresh fish dinner. Good deal at approximately $5000 /pound when you throw in the total experience. Trip of a lifetime.

    Wow! Tom

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