Edmonton and Jasper, Alberta

June 10 and 11, 2022

We arrived in Edmonton in time for a delicious dinner hosted by cousin Marg, her husband Adrian, and their son Andrew.

Andrew and Lucee bonded instantly, and Sylvie found a nice flat area in the lane behind their house. Adrian and Doug studied the maps and all three of them had great travel advice!

We headed west again on Saturday morning, after receiving generous gifts, including delicious rhubarb sauce from Marg’s garden.

Trans-Canada Highway 16 west in Carrot Creek
Our first views of the Rockies from Edson, Alberta.
The highest point on the Yellowhead Highway at Obed Summit at 3,819 feet.
Loading coal onto a circle of train cars.
Hinton is the last major town before Jasper National Park.
Jasper National Park

We had a beautiful site in the Wapiti Campground in Jasper Park. The resident elk wandered around freely. After dinner at the Athabaska Historic Hotel in Jasper, and ice cream, we visited with an Irish couple in the next campsite and walked to the Athabaska River.

2 thoughts on “Edmonton and Jasper, Alberta

  1. So wonderful that you got to visit with our Canadian cousins (and get some excellent travel advice)!

    Jasper looks beautiful!

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